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Ezy Workforce provides outsourcing solutions such as contact centre staffing, remote and virtual staffing, and back-office solutions to small, medium and large-scale organisations around Australia. We source onshore and help companies set up satellite offices to support their operations.

Whether you’re a local, state or federal government entity, or a private business needing more remote work processes to run efficiently, Ezy Workforce makes setting up your operations easy for you, especially through these pandemic times.

In support of the economic recovery of Australia, all our services and staff are sourced within the country. Browse through our services for more details.


Efficiency. Cost-effectiveness. Results.

Lack of time, manpower, office space or adequate facilities. These are the most common challenges organisations face in their goal to become more effective. It’s time to outsource a part of your functions, so you can gain greater focus on core company goals.

Ezy WorkForce makes it convenient for organisations to outsource services, hire an onshore remote or virtual staff, or get dedicated professional back-office support.

Onshore outsourcing can significantly boost your productivity and fill-in your business needs with the required function or talent, without sacrificing quality. With over 10 years of experience under our belt in offshore and virtual staffing, we can assist you in making a smooth introduction of our rolled-out solutions to start fulfilling your organisational needs.

Flexible Virtual Staff and Teams

Save time, save costs, save effort. Ezy will provide you with a virtual team or remote professionals with their own office space and equipment under our management, to deliver the results you need in real-time.

Onshore Outsourcing for Efficiency

Many organisations fail to be effective because of a lack of resources to become more productive.  Outsource your operations to us for immediate support. We help support government and business by providing solutions where you are challenged or lacking manpower. With work from home or office space, manpower and facilities all sourced within Australia for easy and affordable setup, we create expert solutions to either setup on demand teams in short notice or to keep your operations efficient as your needs grow. Turn your functional deficiencies into cost-efficient areas with our help.

Managed Services

Run your operations with the greatest ease. With our dedicated end-to-end solutions in back-office services, call centre/customer service setup and management, digital marketing and web development, HR services and business consultancy, we’ll setup and manage your specified government or business functions, so you won’t have to invest in resources or divert them from the core functions of your organisation.


Ezy Workforce is managed by a seasoned Melbourne-based management team that provides business process outsourcing solutions and remote workgroups. Our team conveniently provides all the necessary setup for seamless and cost-efficient operations that readily adapt to your ever-changing organisational needs. From building a competent local virtual team to fit your objectives, to providing frontline, back office or consultancy services, we are here to be your support system and expert partner in easy solutions that work for today’s environment.


With years of experience in creative outsource solutions, we use time-tested approaches that have allowed us to expand the business capabilities of our clients. We help organisations and businesses achieve their requirements and create new opportunities for expansion.


Always reliable. Always there. We work as your partner in the setup and handling of your needed area of operations with the unrelenting dedication to make you an effective entity. We don’t just deliver on what we promised. We also intend to exceed expectations.


As your partner in outsource solutions, Ezy works hand-in-hand with you in all phases of our work process. We believe that good partnership is a result of unified goals, continuous communication and clear action. Above all, our success is in steadfastly maintaining your unique brand and culture, even while we work to achieve greater objectives.

Trust Ezy Workforce to be your experienced Australian outsource provider for a long-term partner that gets the work done.

Ezy Workforce is your trusted onshore outsourcing partner in Australia.

Better Value

Improve your productivity and expand your organisation’s capabilities in more convenient and cost-effective ways. Ezy takes away the effort and challenges in improving your operations by finding customised solutions for you in setting up the necessary virtual team, space and facilities that will increase work quality and efficiency, and effectively minimise your running costs.

Seamless Transition

We’ll do the adjusting to accommodate new solutions. We aim to blend in seamlessly, ensuring we understand your organisation, values, processes, systems and expectations and have dedicated resources to ensure there is no compromise.

Guaranteed Quality

Ezy builds the right team for you and ensures they will be an extension of your organisation and staff. As your dedicated partner, we will hire and train your new team to have in-depth knowledge of your unique organisational processes and manage them hands-on to maintain timely and consistent quality work and output.


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Growth is achieved through meaningful working partnerships. We will help you reach your goals as we work together in supporting your business operations and work with you in improving your business process.

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