Simplify work processes. Increase company efficiency.
Let Ezy provide the remote staff or virtual team to support you.   

Companies lose as many as 89% of potential job candidates due to the prolonged screening processes of traditional hiring. Ezy Workforce helps you find and keep valuable manpower through quick virtual hiring processes. We widen your talent reach and build remote teams that will deliver your task requirements without your needing to invest time and money in additional space and overhead costs to accommodate new workers or teams.
Experience the convenience of virtual hiring and staffing when you partner with us.

Let Ezy do the job for you in acquiring workers with various specialisations across a range of organisational functions and roles. We can conveniently provide a skilled and talented workforce for whichever area of operations you need immediate help or improvement with.

Increase your back office productivity with administrative staff and accountants. Ensure greater customer or caller satisfaction with agents, tech support representatives and virtual receptionists. Promote brand awareness or public projects with a team of web development professionals and digital marketing specialists. We specialise in building virtual teams to deliver your requirements quickly and more efficiently through innovative staff and work solutions.


Reduce cost substantially

Fast and easy deployment

Quality and value-based hiring

Quick hiring process

Focus on your core business

No major investments needed

Built for any type of organisation

Access a Larger Local Talent Pool

Finding the right candidates for needed job roles is always a challenge. That’s why we have access to a wide pool of talent across Australia. We take the burden of hiring off your hands by handling the full staffing process of finding, screening, hiring and training candidates, and building virtual teams according to your specifications. Whatever your staffing needs, we create the solutions.



Save Time and Money

Virtual staffing greatly minimizes paperwork and overhead costs in office space and equipment, saving you plenty of time and resources to put into your organisation’s core functions. We use portal sites, social media, virtual job fairs and advanced recruitment software to get the hiring done for you quickly, without sacrificing quality. We can also build and manage local virtual teams using Australian-sourced facilities to support your operations with increased cost-effectiveness.

Ezy Workforce is your partner in creative staffing solutions.

Achieve greater results in less time.

Count on us for talented virtual staff and teams as your convenient and cost-effective solution to staffing.


Customer Service and Technical Support

Lead Generation

Non Voice

Administrative Tasks

Accounting and Finance

Human Resources

Voice Analytics

Marketing and PR

SEO and Online Marketing

IT Operations

Web Design and Development

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